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We specializes in designing a variety of HVAC systems for private, commercial and industrial sectors. We are always aspiring to make simple and efficient designs, our field experience enables us to make designs that are taking into account the constructor perspective which helps to reduce construction faults and improve the quality of the assembled system.The company portfolio includes the planning and designing of various HVAC systems:

  • Water cooled
  • Direct expansion
  • VRF (variable refrigerant flow)
  • Water heating heat pump
  • VAV (Variable air volume)
  • Underfloor heating
  • Filtration
  • Smoke exhaust
  • Fume hood exhaust
Our Process
Inquiring the client regarding the system requirements and constraints.collecting relevant documents such as: architectural drawings, construction drawings etc.
Examine the collected data and perform the relevant calculations, such as: thermal heat gains/losses, available technical areas, etc.
Choosing system type that fits the constraints and spaces climate requirements Defining: end units, central units, pipelines, air ducts, pumps and fans Creating CAD drawings Creating equipment table, BOM(bill of materials), technical specification.
Sketch initial concept design that describes the system as a whole that includes power consumption estimation.
Sending the design to the client for final review making final adjustments according to client remarks.
Our Clients


Laboratories HVAC System
Area: 8,00 SQM Temperature: 23 ± 1°C


HVAC temperature control was needed for Three types of Laboratories : electrical, chemical and biological. Each laboratory included special hoods. The Hoods were equipped with variable air volume valves and were controlled with a door height sensor. Due to the changes in air quantity suctions from each room there was a need to supply treated fresh air to the central corridor.


A/C: Chilled water based system

  • Phenix air volume valves
  • Fan coil units
  • Water cooled air handling unit
  • Full Fresh air Direct expansion Packaged unit
  • Multi types of air ducts
  • Insulated schedule 40 pipe lines

Ventilation: Blowers

  • Smoke fan operational at 250℃ for 2 hours
  • Centrifugal exhaust blowers
Factory HVAC System
Area: 10,000 SQM Temperature: 23 ± 1°C


Design HVAC system for the entire facility within a short period of time and short schedule.Designing the HVAC equipment and infrastructure happened while the building was under construction. The situation demanded to take into account and consider the different construction stages and supply online solutions.


A/C: VRF base HVAC system R410 refrigerant

  • VRF evaporators
  • Air handling unit (AHU) with VRF kit
  • Fresh air handling unit
  • Multi types of air ductsInsulated copper pipe lines
  • FFU units for clean room


  • Blowers
  • Smoke fan operational at 250℃ for 2 hours
  • Centrifugal exhaust blowers
Food supplement factory
Area: 1200 SQM Temperature: 23 ± 1°C


Design HVAC system for explosive atmosphere production hall compliant with ATEX directive.

Limited technical floor area Fresh air requirement: 6 ACH1001 standard compliant fail-safe mechanism in case of toxic gas leaksMechanical Smoke exhaust


A/C: Chilled water based system

  • Fan coil units
  • Air handling unit (AHU)
  • Fresh air handling unit
  • Multi types of air ducts
  • Insulated pipe lines

Ventilation: Blowers and Vortex Scrubber

  • Smoke fan operational at 250℃ for 2 hours
  • Centrifugal exhaust blowers
  • Filter cartridge for sifting machine room


Sarael Chen-Tov

David provided planning and supervision services for several projects, From my acquaintance with David, I can say that he is professional, responsible, thorough and diligent in every task he takes on.

Nitzan Haviv
Manager of Operations

As a foodtech company at the beginning of its journey, it was necessary to build a work method from the ground up, learn, research and find Practical solutions to the challenges we faced, David learned our process, "got in the thick of it" and provided a detailed design that met the complex requirements of the manufacturing process program.

Mor Malka
Construction Manager

David from Kelvin entered into the planning of the systems at the end of the architectural design and during construction of the factory. David provided us with detailed plans and effective solutions on the fly. David contributed a lot to the successful completion of the project.

Nir Shani
Factory Engineer

We used the services of David Agam, in the planning of several projects at the Dockert factory. I would like to state our satisfaction with sharingWorking with David, who acted professionally and provided effective solutions while meeting the project schedule, thereby helping usreach our results and requirements.

Rami Moshe
Director of Operations and Logistics

David Agam from "Kelvin" was our air conditioning consultant in two projects to establish new laboratories with a total area of about 800 square meters. The experience that David brings with him from the field, along with the knowledge of planning, certainly helped in achieving the goals and great success in both projects.


Residential Buildings
Commercial buildings
Office buildings
factory process cooling
Chilled/heated Water Distribution Networks
Educational facilities
Clean Rooms
Underground parking lots
Forms 10 and 11 for business licensing


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Ben Gurion 12, Kiryat Bialik, postal code 2702406
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